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Moon Base: Powerful Crypto Trading Application

Whether you are a new or experienced trader, our platform provides a wide variety of tools that will help you keep up to date with the cryptocurrency market. Gain access to features such as a news aggregator, market analyzer, and even cryptocurrency trading signals. Our platform works on any kind of device including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Driven by our cryptocurrency community, we are constantly adding features and tools that our users are requesting. 

Learn how to trade cryptocurrency

Our focus at Astronaut is to educate users on how to analyze the market and develop trading best practices. Don’t know how to trade? No problem! Our team of analysts is here to help you get started with cryptocurrency trading. In addition, our team constantly scans the markets for the highest quality analysis for us to share with our users.

Trading Tools

Access a wide variety of free trading tools including market scanners, Discord bots, news aggregation, and much more.

Cryptocurrency Signals

Gain access to our team of analysts and some of the best cryptocurrency trading signals you can find on the internet.

Thriving Community

Join our rapidly growing Discord server and chat amongst traders, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and developers.

Cryptocurrency trading

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Make Money Trading Cryptocurrency

Beginner or advanced trader, this is the place for you. Our subscription plans will teach you how to:

  • Get started on a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Learn how to perform technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Spot coins of interest for trading.
  • Carry out your own trades.
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Our plans

Not confident enough to execute your own trades? Need a second pair of eyes on the market? Our team of analysts work around the clock to find the perfect trading opportunities and cryptocurrencies to invest in. All you need is a small amount of Bitcoin to get started.




  • Shot term calls
  • Medium term calls
  • Long term calls
  • Overall market analysis
  • Premium discord w/ tools
  • Premium features on webapp
  • Access to exclusive chats
  • Educational resources
  • Access to analyst team

Leverage (Add-on)



  • Leverage (Bitmex) calls
  • Leverage trading course
  • Beginner's guide to Bitmex
  • Access to leverage analysts
  • Additional trading chat rooms
  • Requires Premium Subscription

Our gurus

Meet the administration team that drives the community. Our many analysts as well play a large role in Astronaut, come meet them on the Discord server! The team is happy to assist, chat, and share ideas with users.

Miles Black

Miles Black


Brett Kreuger, Head of Technology

Brett Krueger


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If you are looking to boost your portfolio with more than average gains, premium is the way to go. Whether you are trading with 100$ or 1000$ you could expect many gains as I and many others have. Lead by an experienced analyst, you could gain knowledge and support from a trust-able source who does the most to make sure your funds are safe. Happy trading!
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