Who we are

Astronaut is a thriving cryptocurrency community with a focus around education and idea sharing. Our platform provides a suite of tools and resources for our users in order to improve their trading experience. 

We strive to provide a quality community experience and will help you learn about finance and cryptocurrency through our easy to use platform. From novice trader just hearing about Bitcoin to experienced trader who has mastered cryptocurrencies, we offer features for all skill levels to utilize, and an active community to learn alongside.

Premium Plans




  • Shot term calls
  • Medium term calls
  • Long term calls
  • Overall market analysis
  • Premium discord w/ tools
  • Premium features on webapp
  • Access to exclusive chats
  • Educational resources
  • Access to analyst team

Leverage (Add-on)



  • Leverage (Bitmex) calls
  • Leverage trading course
  • Beginner's guide to Bitmex
  • Access to leverage analysts
  • Additional trading chat rooms
  • Requires Premium Subscription


If you are looking to boost your portfolio with more than average gains, premium is the way to go. Whether you are trading with 100$ or 1000$ you could expect many gains as I and many others have. Lead by an experienced analyst, you could gain knowledge and support from a trust-able source who does the most to make sure your funds are safe. Happy trading!
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On the brink of this market reversal, get into leverage trading ASAP. Everyone should want to experience the easy 100% gains in this market. With a team here to guide and help one another out, you wont feel lost and confused like other groups. Leverage trading feels too good to be true, come find out why.
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Leverage Addon