Cosmo Updates – New Commands and Structure

Cosmo: Cryptocurrency Discord Bot

Cosmo is a multi-function cryptocurrency discord bot that is public and free to add to your own discord server. It provides a wide variety of functions that analyze the market and supplement chat activity. Our recent focus has been fixing a lot of bugs and adding more features that have been heavily requested by Astronaut’s and other server’s users. That being said, due to the increased usage and demand of this bot, we will be providing more frequent updates to the bot.

Receive Updates Directly from Cosmo

In addition, server owners will now receive DM’s from Cosmo whenever there is a major update. This will provide details on new features, improvements, and bug fixes that are now live.

Our documentation has been heavily updated to include pictures, examples, and parameters of all commands that can be used. You can view our documentation here.

Coin News

Coin News for Stellar (XLM)

Due to major request, we have added the news command back (-news <coin_name/symbol> or -n <coin_name/symbol>) which displays all the upcoming events for a given coin. It will tell you the date of the event, how much time is left till the event, provide a link to the source, as well as a rating on whether it is a hot event and if it is credible. Give the command a whirl -news bitcoin or -news btc.


24H Change Heatmap

We have added 2 new commands to generate visuals of market data. The first one is a heatmap of the 24 hour volume changes (-heatmap or -h) in which you can get a visual of positive/negative volume for coins as well as see the market dominance of bitcoin and altcoins. The second is a volatility heatmap (-volatility or -vt) which shows the volatility index of certain coin pairings and which direction they are moving in. Feel free to try both of these commands out!

General Improvements

There have been a lot of general improvements with older commands. A few notable improvements have been with the charting command: charting now supports Bitmex contracts such as TRX/U19, XBT/USD, etc. along with new candlestick patterns that can be found in the documentation. As well, the price command now has exchange defaults for Bitcoin (Coinbase) and XBT (Bitmex). There were some stability issue fixes and some minor bug fixes across other commands.

If you want to see a bug fixed or you have a feature to recommend, we now have a Google form to collect feedback. Please provide feedback as we are looking to improve Cosmo. You will be heard and if you want to discuss a feature, please message Miles#0617 on Discord.

Invite Cosmo

Want to use Cosmo for your own server? Add Cosmo with the simple click of a button. You can find the invite link for Cosmo below. Lastly, if you enjoy using Cosmo please consider voting for our bot here.

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