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I would like to welcome you, cadet, to a brand new sector of the cryptosphere where analysts, developers, enthusiasts, and scholars gather to discuss and share ideas. Astronaut brings the complex world of cryptocurrency to the fingertips of both technical and non-technical users, of any experience. We welcome you to the community and aim to educate people on the power of blockchain and how to trade cryptocurrency.

Our Technology

Astronaut has been developing a series of cryptocurrency tools tailored to both traders and developers. Check out our variety of tools, all of which are completely free to access.

Cosmo, a powerful cryptocurrency Discord bot

Meet Cosmo, our intelligent bot that performs a wide variety of functions on the cryptocurrency market. This bot is a public Discord bot that is available both in our community and for you to add to your own server. Gain access to a wide variety of tools including in-chat charting, price checking, order book depth, latest news for a project, etc. Visit the link below to read the documentation of our features and add Cosmo to your server today!

MoonBase, a cryptocurrency trading suite

MoonBase is a trading suite tailored to cryptocurrency traders. Whether you are a beginner or a well seasoned trader, this application has plenty of information that will assist you in doing market research. From being able to scan the market for certain indicator values to getting a feed of all the news for a certain coin, this application has proven to be a useful platform for traders alike. Not to mention this application is responsive and works well on any platform whether it be mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Cryptocurrency API

Aside from trading tools, MoonBase offers an advanced cryptocurrency API that developers can use for their personal cryptocurrency applications. The API allows public access to a lot of data points that MoonBase uses including market analysis, coin data, order depth, and much more. Read our documentation and how to access the API below.

Market Analysis

cryptocurrency trading signals
Cryptocurrency trading signals via MoonBase and Discord Channel

Astronaut will be offering cryptocurrency trading signals in a Premium plan. Our premium plan will include all in one signals with access to short-term, medium-term, and long-term calls. In addition, premium users have access to the signals panel on MoonBase, as well as special channels in our DIscord server. In addition, we offer a Leverage add-on to our services for users who are interested in leverage trading. We do not include leverage trading in our premium plan itself due to the fact that it is a more risky and advanced style of trading. You can purchase our plans on the link below. Please note that none of the information provided in our servers is to be construed as financial advice. We highly suggest consulting with your advisor for additional assistance.

Community Discord

Lastly, we would like to invite you to our brand new cryptocurrency Discord server. Our community is focused on the education of trading and sharing of ideas. Meet developers who are interested in similar projects, traders who want to compare charts, and enthusiasts who simply love cryptocurrency.

Astronaut welcomes you to the community and we hope to see you around. Stay tuned for more updates on our development platforms, the plans we offer, and many more features to come.

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