Cosmo, an intelligent bot

A free cryptocurrency discord bot with incredible tools that will take your discord server to the next level.

Cosmo is a multi-purpose Discord bot with a primary focus on cryptocurrency functions. It includes integration with our global Crypto Blacklist (CBL), price and market data, upcoming events for coins, as well as charts and other functionality. You may find more information in the documentation, or invite Cosmo to your guild and run –help or cosmo to hear it from the legend themself.

Want to see more functionality? You can make a request for new features of bug fixes here.

cryptocurrency discord bot

Cosmo features

This serves as a gallery for a few notable features of Cosmo. In addition to these features, you can find many more in our documentation.

discord live bitcoin price

Live Price Data

Hover over Cosmo to see the latest Bitcoin prices across Bitfinex, Coinbase, Binance, and Bitmex. Bitcoin prices are updated live.

bitmex order book

Market Depth

For popular exchanges such as Bitmex, you can view the current order book depth to visualize major support and resistance.

cryptocurrency highest volume

Top Gainers

Get a list of the top volume changes for the day. This also works for the lowest volume changes.

cryptocurrency price

Coin Prices

Check the price for any coin on the market. Default exchange is Binance, however you can indicate an exchange such as Bitfinex.

cryptocurrency chart discord

Coin Charting

Chart any coin that you wish using our integrated TradingView charts. Set a custom time frame and indicators to use.

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