Cryptocurrency API

The ultimate tool for your cryptocurrency application. Whether you are developing a trading bot, portfolio application, or web interface: our cryptocurrency API will bring your project to the next level. The best part is, it is completely free! Our development team is constantly adding a lot of data to our API which you can keep up to date with on our Wiki page. If you would like to request features of our API, please contact us. Some features include:  

  • Coin data including volume, open/closing prices, percent changes, bid/ask data, and much more.
  • Recent trade information on a given pairing and exchange such as orders that have gone through and existing trade walls.
  • Market depth visualization on any exchange, providing bid/ask levels and how many contracts exist at each level.
  • Market and AI analysis on a given pairing, including indicator values, trends, patterns, and even predictions.
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Start using our API today!